That Oily Life

I’d like to incorporate more essential oils into my life and home. How do I know which ones to use and where to get them?

Hi honey! Sorry it took me so long to answer; your message was buried in about 425 spam messages :/

I’m so excited for you to learn more about essential oils! Over the past few years, I’ve started using oils in cleaning and laundry products, instead of perfume, for anxiety, hormones, wellness, and so much more. I diffuse different blends during yoga, writing, reading, and when my kids are sick. My very first reaction to almost any issue is to find out what oils can be used as a remedy.

While family and friends used to laugh at me, more and more they appreciate receiving little glass vials of oil love. For Christmas my husband even bought me a beautiful storage case for my oils, encouraging me, “Now you can be a full blown witch.” My dream come true.


It took me a long time–and I’m still learning–about the healing properties and seemingly endless positive qualities of oils. Since, I’ve had this discussion several times over the past few months, I thought I would share some good resources.

  1. I have friends who are consultants for Young Living and DoTerra Oils. These women are extremely knowledgeable and helpful about these high quality oils.
  2. Camp Wander is an excellent resource for information about oils as well as a source for purchasing them.
  3. I belong to Spark Natural’s Oil of the Month club. For small monthly fee, you get a new oil every month–mostly 15 ml size and often deeply discounted.
  4. Several times a week I google “essential oil for _____ ” you name it, and have saved many of the results on Pinterest.

When I first started using oils, I ordered a starter pack that included: lavender, lemon, peppermint, and melaleuca (tea tree oil) and those are still some of my favorites. Some of my other favorites are wild orange, bergamot, rose, and oregano–which is like nature’s antibiotic. And this month’s oil is helichrysum, which I’m super excited to try.

Check back in and let me know how your oil journey is progressing!